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Who doesn’t want free money? Everyone wants something for nothing, unfortunately, nothing is free. That doesn’t mean to say there aren’t legitimate ways to earn free money. Affiliate marketing has become hugely popular and it offers lots of potential for those with some basic internet skills. If you’ve been thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer, you’ve probably done your homework and have come across lots of amazing stories about how much you can earn. So, what’s the truth about affiliate income?

What Can An Affiliate Marketer Earn?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best work at home jobs available and marketers have unlimited earning potential. That’s no word of a lie. Newcomers will likely start earning very little, to begin with, especially if they don’t have a lot of experience in this area. However, it’s possible to earn tens of thousands of dollars per year. Again, it depends on how successful an affiliate marketer is and their online following, essentially. So, let’s get down to numbers. On average, $20,000 could be the starting point for more than half of all marketers. It’s not too bad and it’s a more realistic target to aim for. 

Typically, over 30% are able to break that $20,000 barrier with less than 10% earning more than $50,000. Of course, those figures aren’t bad but it’s important to get a realistic picture in your mind so that you know what to expect. There will be some degrees of varying success. For some, this will be their full-time job and earn a decent profit too. However, not all marketers will be as fortunate and this free money will be very hard work. 

How Quickly Can You Earn Free Money?

Most affiliate markets will have some sort of online presence and may even have a website. That’s probably the best place to start because it’s easier to earn more if you have a steady flow of traffic already. However, it’s not always necessary to have a website. Some marketers post reviews and links on their social media accounts and community forums. In terms of how quickly you can earn, most will take several months to establish themselves and make serious money. Also, it’ll depend on where you post your links. Work at home jobs, like affiliate marketing can be hard work and you may be lucky to see money within the first few months but it could take longer. 

Choose a Niche You’re Familiar With

There are many types of niches you can focus on with affiliate marketing but it’s smart to look at a niche you’re familiar with or enjoy talking about. Let’s say you were into motorbikes, you wouldn’t necessarily choose makeup as your marketing niche, especially if you knew very little about it. It works the same in reverse. Instead, you want to focus on something you enjoy discussing and have a passion for as it’s more enjoyable and can seem like earning free money too.See more

Affiliate Marketing Is Hard Work

You’ll read lots of stories that claim being an affiliate marketer is easy and that you can earn thousands within a matter of days. Well, the reality is a little different. This is hard work and while you can earn a decent amount, there are no guarantees and you’ll have to work for it. Even when you know what you’re doing, it can be a challenge. Of course, it helps that most people use the internet for almost everything but there’s work to do. You have to post content that gets people interested and then they have to click through the link. It takes time, especially if the wrong niche is chosen. Work at home jobs takes real determination and hard work to pay off.  


What You Should Know about Taxes When You’re A Freelancer

Do you know how to make money online?  Everyone it seems is going online and looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme and for some they are successful; however, many others are not. There are millions of great freelancers that use the web as their source of income. For some, they outsource their talents and skills to people who require help and for others, they create a business online and have a steady stream of income; the possibilities are endless. However, with freelancing, it’s a bit different in terms of taxes, compared to those with a ‘traditional’ 9-to-5 job. So, what might you need to know about taxes when you become a freelancer?

Make Sure Your Records Tally with Your 1099

Freelancers are often classed as independent contractors (depending on the type of work you’re doing) and that means companies or employers will hand you a 1099. However, what you might not be aware of is that the employer sends a copy of this to the government, the IRS, and as such, you cannot afford to get the numbers wrong. For example, in your 1099 it’s claimed you earned $10,876 from that employer, but you record you make $8,986, that’s a red flag to the IRS and it’s something they’ll look into. Instead, you have to go over every record carefully and ensure your personal records tally up with your 1099 and any other forms you get. When it comes to money earning apps and earning that way, things may be slightly different, but when working with a company, you have to ensure everything adds up properly.

Have Separate Accounts (And Keep Good Records)

You want to know how to make money online, great, but, when it comes to finance you have to be extra careful. Sometimes, freelancing is a second stream of income and they have a full or part-time job elsewhere, but that can make it very difficult to understand your taxes. For example, you earn fifty thousand dollars a year with your full-time job and you make roughly six thousand from freelancing, but all finances go into one account, can you be sure where you’re incomes coming from? Sometimes, it’s easier to have separate accounts for freelancing, especially if this is a business. You also need to ensure good records are kept when it comes to your taxes too.

Use a Tax Professional

Sometimes, it’s tough to understand the ins and outs of tax, and when you’re a freelancer things get even worse. As an independent contractor you’re the one responsible for getting your taxes right, but if you’re unsure of the process, you need professional help. Why is that? Taxes need to be right and if you have essentially a business you need to ensure the right taxes are paid and the right amounts also. It’s maybe slightly different if you’re a casual worker and you work once a month, then maybe taxes won’t be as complicated, but when you’re working for several companies or have a company of your own, things are different. If in doubt, call in a professional to help with your work at home jobs and taxes.

Take Taxes Seriously

A lot of newcomers don’t take taxes (or their finances) seriously enough when they first become a freelancer and it’s understandable. Some don’t think this is going to be a full-time gig for them, while others believe they can earn a little extra on the side. However, you can’t cheat taxes because you can get into some serious trouble. That’s why you need to be clued up on the things you may need to do when you become a freelancer. Whether money earning apps is how you make your money or creating a small e-commerce business, taxes must be reported, so don’t neglect them. Check out this site:

7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

How to make money online? Everyone wants to know how to make extra cash online and preferably from home. With the expansion of the internet, the amount of people who have turned to it to make a quick buck has increased dramatically and everyone has the ability to realistically make money online. There are lots of things which can net you cash, from small pocket money to a serious income each month. Here are seven realistic ways to make money online from home and without a heavy investment.


A lot of people use webinars to learn, and many are willing to pay to learn. You could honestly set up a webinar online where you teach people a true skill such as basic German or French classes, or how to get started with creative writing. You could even teach people about web design, or whatever you have skill or knowledge in. You could charge the people who will view the webinars a few dollars at most to view, and if you have say a dozen viewers one day, that’s money in your pocket. Over time you can create a larger base or following. It’s technically free money for talking about the things you know and are interested in.

Sell From Home

You have a few options to consider when it comes to work at home jobs, and one of the easiest methods has to be selling old or unwanted goods within your home. There are dozens of platforms that will allow you to advertise and sell your items, and it could be very profitable depending on what you have to sell and the demand for them. For example, you could start off by selling the unwanted DVD’s within your home, and if that’s profitable enough, you could use that money to invest in goods which are popular or that always sell like the latest games. However, you need to ensure you’re buying stock for low costs and selling at a profit. You might even be happy making goods and selling them; it’s your choice.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular jobs available online today, and it’s certainly an easy thing to learn as well. If you want to know how to make money online, you have to consider becoming an affiliate marketer. This involves you profiting from other people’s goods. For example, you could become an affiliate marketer for Amazon or other such companies. You post ads throughout the web and you earn when people click on your ads and buy. Learn more!

Create a Blog and Earn Free Money

In a way, you’re earning from something you enjoy doing. You can talk or blog about whatever topic that comes to mind, from beauty and fashion to politics and beyond. However, blogging has become vastly popular over the last few years and you could create a blog of your own to earn. If that isn’t an option you want to explore, you could become a guest blogger. Guest blogging is one of the best work at home jobs because you get paid to contribute on other people’s blogs. It’s as simple as that and very profitable to say the least.

Freelancing Your Skills

How to make money online? One of the best ways is to freelance whatever skills you have. For example, if you’re a good web designer, hire out your talents as a web designer. If you are a decent writer, become a freelance writer. There are lots of options to consider here and that’s why more people have gone into the freelancing business.

Surveys and Paid Searches

You have the ability to get paid to answer questions in the form of surveys. Now, this is tedious work and you need to find legitimate sites that pay you decently. There are quite a few decent survey sites available, and if you can find them, it’s nice pocket money to have. However, there are some sites which also pay you to search online. You use the web as you would normally use it, and for every search taken, you get paid a small amount. The costs can add up over time, however, it’s free money for something you’d usually do.

Playing and Testing Games

There are dozens of ways to earn from playing games online. There are sites which enable you to enter competitions or tournaments and the best players win a cash prize. However, you could also become a games tester, and what that means is that companies will pay you to test out their games. Developers are looking for bugs and glitches within the game and game enthusiasts can earn a decent amount of money testing games. Work at home jobs such as game testing can be fantastic especially if this is your passion.

Earn From Home

Making money via the internet is not impossible, and there are a dozen more ways to earn. However, you have to find a niche you’re good at and that doesn’t require a lot of monetary investment if you don’t have it. For example, creating a website and posting articles can be great if you have a passion for that; however, if you don’t want to spend money creating a site, you could freelance your skills until you have the money to invest. There are lots of ways to make money and if you learn how to make money online, you’d be surprised with the amount of options available. For more information visit:

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