Technology has brought many great changes to the world and telecommuting is one of them. Working from home jobs used to be very weird to some people that didn’t understand.

They’re usually like, “you don’t need to go to the office and your boss wouldn’t complain?” it used to make me laugh. Well, the world is changing and more people are beginning to understand the concept.

Remote work is equivalent to office work just that instead of turning up at the office every day, you get to work in the confines of your home. Employers might want to think it only benefits employees but that’s not true. Working from home benefits both employers and employees.

For one thing, it reduces stress, employee’s time and money, increases work efficiency, and the list goes on. To get started on working from home, you need to be aware of real remote jobs that are making waves in 2021.


Freelancing is number one on the list because it is the most popular remote work. Freelancers are mostly writers that make use of various writing apps like UPWORK and FIVERR.

With these apps, they can search for jobs around the world that requires their skills. After submitting convincing proposals, they are offered the job and paid thereafter completing that task.

Web development

Web developers are the most critical aspects of web development. Their work is to develop and design websites for individuals or businesses. They can be employed by almost anyone that requires a website.

Virtual assistant

The work of a virtual assistant is equivalent to that of an office country. They prepare documents and research on anything required of them by their employers. The correspondence between the virtual assistants and their bosses is carried out through various online platforms. Know more!


Personal, marriage, and family therapist is a real online work-at-home job. Most of their jobs are full-time and private practices.

Which requires them to make use of platforms like Skype, and zoom video calls for online video conferencing with their clients. They’ve made it possible for patients to receive therapy online without leaving home.


Students are the happiest about this kind of advanced technology. Instead of going to classrooms daily, they can now receive lectures online. Online teachers make use of platforms like Google classroom and zoom to teach their students.

Data entry specialist

They are also called a data entry operator. Their main work is to input information from a handwritten format to a computer system. The records can range from bills and school records to canceled checks.

Legal assistant

They are also called paralegals. Legal assistants carry out the various task for lawyers that includes legal research and preparing documents. They work for law firms or the government.

Language interpreter

Remote work involving language translation is high paying. So, if you are proficient in English and one other language, this kind of job is for you. Hospitals, courts, and other private and public sectors are usually in need of such skill.

Graphic designers

If designing logos and using the web to create nice ads is your thing, then this is for you. There are several jobs on Upwork and Fiverr that require your expertise.


This kind of remote work requires bookkeeping, keep accounts, and audit financial records of companies. So, if you are skilled in this area, there are jobs on freelancing platforms that require your expertise. Click here for further details: https://www.urbanelobby.com/ways-to-earn-money-while-playing-online-games/

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